Bullshit Jobs, a Theory

Tossing us a title which acceptable in common usage but still can shock when in print might count against a book of this nature.

For its contents are laced with the word ‘bullshit', multiple times on many pages.

Recently. Author Graeber was interviewed by CNN (July 18, 2018) about the value of pointless jobs. He interviewed dozens of employees in significant positions in what we can term as BS jobs (even CNN would not pronounce the full word).

Thus, his 300-plus pages is an intriguing read. All types of professions and trades and laborious work are mentioned as inert to those employed.

Graeber himself wonders why such malaise as job dissatisfaction or meaningless work are not widely discussed topics in areas other than in pubs and social groups.

Without seeming prudish, continual use of the term BS is off-putting for a reviewer whose world revolved around it even in Rotorua local body politics.

Yet something about BS Jobs the book rivets the reader, to learn that ordinary people in extraordinary, highly paid jobs find their positions are meaningless.

Solutions, there are few, other than incentives are many. But even in financial crises, employees and never employers (like bankers) suffer most as incentives are reduced, wage increase margins shrink, work hours can change (in many cases to comply with IT advances) and expand with no guarantee of job satisfaction.

Promotions are of course incentives but settled into a routine they become passé. One person confided in this series of interview that ending a life would be preferable than a meaningless job. Whew.

Bullshit Jobs, a Theory. By David Graeber - Hbk £20.00

-Phil Campbell (Guest Reviewer)

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