Covid helpline closes as virus approach changes

Healthline's doctor services and specific Covid-19 helpline have come to an end. Both were set up by the Ministry of Health as part of the country's... Read More

Additional supplies of free RATs until June

Additional supplies of Covid-19 rapid antigen tests (RATs) will enable continued free testing for the public and health sector through to the end of June 2024,... Read More

Lockdowns halved rates of respiratory illnesness

New Zealand's Covid-19 lockdowns almost halved the country's usual number of hospitalisations for acute respiratory infections. National data shows... Read More

Older Kiwis urged to get Covid-19 boosters

Public health officials are recommending that people who are more likely to experience severe Covid-19, such as Māori and Pacific people aged 50 and over, as... Read More

Contingency plans for the latest Covid wave

Hospitals are putting contingency plans into action as the latest Covid wave hits staffing numbers. Wastewater trends show community cases are still rising... Read More

Covid-19: 12,028 new cases and 59 deaths

The Ministry of Health is reporting 12,028 new cases of Covid-19 that have been reported in New Zealand in the week to midnight on Sunday, and a further 59 deaths... Read More

Covid-19: 1739 new cases, 65 more deaths

During the last week, there have been 11739 new cases of Covid-19 reported and 5682 reinfections. There are 247 cases in hospital as of midnight Sunday and six... Read More

Covid: Still global threat but no longer emergency

The World Health Organisation says that Covid-19 no longer qualifies as a global emergency, marking a symbolic end to the devastating coronavirus pandemic that... Read More

Calls to to “de-prioritise” Covid-19 for most

It is time to "de-prioritise" the response to Covid-19, which will now be no worse than the flu for the majority of the population, an epidemiologist says. University... Read More

Fourth wave of Covid is here, says epidemiologist

Epidemiologist Michael Baker says that the country is experiencing its fourth wave of Covid-19 infection and warns people to stay vigilant. He says it's not... Read More

Cabinet to consider relaxing last restrictions

Cabinet ministers will today consider whether to relax the few remaining Covid-19 restrictions with an announcement expected this week. Most pandemic rules were... Read More

Covid-19: 11,258 new cases, 76 further deaths

There have been 11,258 new cases of Covid-19 reported in New Zealand over the past week and 76 further deaths attributed to the coronavirus. Of the new cases,... Read More