Summer officially begins on December 1

A mix bag of weather is being forecast for the end of spring. With summer to officially begin on December 1, is taking a look at... Read More

Temperatures forecast to drop in the coming days

More humid northerly quarter winds will affect the North Island today with again more downpours and isolated inland thunderstorms. The centre of the... Read More

Severe thunderstorm warning issued

The MetService weather radar has detected severe thunderstorms near Taupo, Kinloch, Wairakei, Orakei Korako, Mokai and Lake Taupo. These severe thunderstorms... Read More

Thunderstorm watch issued for Rotorua

Rotorua is now on thunderstorm watch, in addition to the heavy rain warning issued by the MetService. “Thunderstorms are likely to affect the... Read More

Heavy rain forecast to lash BOP

Heavy rain and squally thunderstorms are forecast for the Bay of Plenty today. Strong, gusty northerlies are also expected for the region. A heavy... Read More

Heavy rain watch upgraded to warning in BOP

UPDATE 9.45AM: A heavy rain watch issued for the Bay of Plenty is bieng upgraded to a warning. The MetService says heavy rain may cause streams and... Read More

A month’s worth of rain possible in seven days

A month's worth of rain is being forecast to hit New Zealand in seven days, says "A low will rapidly form in the Tasman... Read More

Heavy rain watch issued for BOP

The Bay of Plenty is on a heavy rain watch today. It may not look like it outside, but the MetService is forecasting heavy rain for parts of the North... Read More

Chance of inland thunderstorms this week

Lighter winds are being forecast  for many parts of the country today. says clouds are thickening over New Zealand ahead of... Read More

Stormy Tasman Sea low to cross NZ this week

  A Tasman Sea low is likely to briefly reach storm criteria in the Tasman Sea this week before partially falling apart as it moves across New... Read More

Weather-go-round with repeating low

This weekend's weather is looking similar to that of the start of the week. Throughout this week, a passing low cooled temperatures back to their... Read More

More rain needed to keep drought at bay

The recent wet weather has seen a respite to the dry in the Bay of Plenty - but not enough to lift dry weather warnings yet. Rain recorded since the... Read More

Cooler night forecast for most of the North Island

A spring surge of cooler air is spreading into the south and east of both islands today, dropping temperatures a little further and pushing showers northwards. Only... Read More

Windy and warm Tuesday for large portion of NZ

West to north west winds will gust over 120km/h in some exposed parts of New Zealand on Tuesday, pushing temperatures up above average once again in... Read More

Thirty degree temps being forecast for NZ

A large high is rolling in and as it does it has two ways of lifting temperatures to 30 degrees in both islands. Firstly, as the high shifts northwards... Read More