Traffic light system may need adjusting

The Ministry of Health is looking at whether to tweak the traffic light system in the face of Omicron, says the Director-General of Health. The government... Read More

Cricket opportunity for young women

As New Zealand prepares to host the 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup, official sponsor ANZ is seeking the next generation of female cricketing talent... Read More

Increase in bites and rashes as weather heats up

Warmer sea temperatures and a changing climate could be what is causing more ocean-borne bites, stings and rashes, a marine scientist says. Ocean swimmers... Read More

Cold front to sweep up from the south

  As Cyclone Cody moves away, swell and wind are still expected to impact New Zealand.   It was a busy weekend for meteorologists as they... Read More

Tonga eruption likely cool global temperatures

The Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai volcanic eruption is unlikely to have a significant cooling effect on temperatures globally, say NIWA scientists. When... Read More

River floaters warned of Huka Falls dangers

As the mercury rises hundreds of people have been tempted to take a float down the Waikato River from Taupō, but authorities are worried a simple mistake... Read More

New locations of interest in Te Puke, Tauranga bar

The Ministry of Health has added three new locations of interest in Te Puke to the current list whilst a bar in Fraser Cove has also been listed.  The... Read More

Nutritional value of NZ‘s huhu grubs assessed

Huhu grubs have long been prized as a traditional food source and their nutritional value has just been analysed by University of Otago researchers for... Read More

Six new cases of Covid in the Lakes

There are six new cases to report in the Lakes DHB region today.  All of these cases are in the Rotorua District, says a statement from the Ministry... Read More

Watch: PM on Covid vaccines for children

As the country braces for an Omicron outbreak, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is marking the commencement of paediatric vaccinations and the first day... Read More

No emergency calls for unvaccinated firefighters

Hundreds of unvaccinated firefighters can no longer respond to emergency calls, and those gaps will have to be plugged from elsewhere, fire service figures... Read More

Covid vaccines for kids start today

More than 120,000 doses of the child (paediatric) Pfizer vaccine have been delivered to over 500 vaccination sites around New Zealand as health providers... Read More

Tonga eruption likely world‘s largest in 30 years

Early data from Tonga's violent volcanic eruption suggests it is the biggest blast since Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines 30 years ago, volcanologist... Read More

People urged to upgrade facemasks as Omicron looms

Some face masks could be worse than nothing if they lull people into a false sense of security, experts say. With Omicron knocking at New Zealand’s... Read More

Cyclone Cody expected to stay clear of NZ

MetService meteorologists advise that the risk of heavy rain has diminished as Cyclone Cody looks to track east of New Zealand. However, the risk of... Read More