$35K for BOP wetland climate change research

Research is underway to determine how salt marshes and mangroves could protect Bay of Plenty's coastline from climate change - and how a ‘resilience credit'... Read More

Fire season: What you need to know

Last summer seemed to be dominated by flooding but this year, fires are making headlines. A state of local emergency was declared for Christchurch City, including... Read More

Get started on your sustainability journey

Some may feel we are constantly being bombarded with people telling us to be more sustainable and do our part to look after the environment. With so many... Read More

Food safety officers’ worst NZ finds

Tummy bugs, foreign objects and poor food-handling hygiene - the results of bad food safety can quite literally turn the stomach. To avoid this, those serving... Read More

Tarawera Ultra-Trail celebrates 15th anniversary

Community groups throughout Rotorua and the surrounding regions are once again coming together to support Tarawera Ultra-Trail by UTMB® as it enters its... Read More

Don’t forget East Coast growers hit by cyclone

Horticulture New Zealand is calling for a renewed effort to support East Coast growers on the eve of the first anniversary of Cyclone Gabrielle. The cyclone... Read More

Ingenuity provides eels with safe sea pathway

New Zealand's first home-grown fish-friendly flood pump, commissioned by Waikato Regional Council, has successfully passed a 1.2-metre-long shortfin eel. The... Read More

Scion’s central role in €7.5 million project

Scion's leading biomaterials, 3D printing, packaging, and machine-learning knowledge is being called on as part of a €7.5 million (NZD$13.25m) research... Read More

Thank you, NZ, for a safety-conscious summer

The NZ Mountain Safety Counci is thanking New Zealanders and visitors who've been out exploring our great outdoors this summer for being extra safety smart. With... Read More

Study reveals peoples thoughts on paying for water

A new survey shows most people think it is fair for households to pay for water based on how much they use. The Infrastructure Commission asked 3000 people... Read More

Recycling changes: What do you need to know?

How waste is recycled is about to undergo significant change with a new standardised recycling programme set to be implemented across the country from... Read More

Biosecurity NZ thanks international travellers

Biosecurity New Zealand is thanking international travellers who arrived during the peak Christmas and New Year period for their efforts in helping to protect... Read More