12 Rules For Life

This is another prescient, perceptive slice of aspects of life everyone should know, how all forms of life struggle for dominance.

We're told by Matthew in Genesis of Jesus Christ's statement, 'to those who have everything, more will be given; from those who have nothing, more will be taken”.

This severe attribution to Christ more pegs this tome for what is an absorbing read.

It reads and probably is an update on Darwinism in modern format. Peterson argues his case well – of all the great composers, only three or four (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky) dominate our musical thoughts.

The same criteria applies to authors among whom a tiny minority remain popular despite more than a million titles published each year in the States alone.

Among Peterson's 12 rules are precision in speech, telling the truth, stand with shoulders back, don't let your children disdain you, setting or house in perfect order before criticising the world.

They are rules of life; in Peterson's scholarly care, based on assiduous research, his rules, logical and cogent, set a uniform but respectful barometer.

Yet, as the author observes in Alice in Wonderland, no matter how fast you travel in that kingdom, you will always stay in the same place.

12 Rules For Life (an antidote to chaos) by Jordan B Peterson Pbk $00.00

– Phil Campbell (Guest Reviewer).

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