Member of The Family (Manson, murder and me)

The murderous, penetrative stare. His hair brushed as if with boxthorn. His beard falls to resemble the wisps of an Ibis.

These are images of a monster. And with a clarity only the truly horrified can recall, the youngest member of Charles Manson's cult finally tells her story.

It's not pretty, but nor were the circumstances – links with Hollywood, The Beach Boys and the literati in the swinging ‘60s add to this melodramatic book. Dianne Lake, thanks to a skilled ghost writer Deborah Herman, takes pride that her testimony finally nailed Manson.

The murder of actress Sharon Tate sent shock waves around the world. Lake was a mere 14 when she became one of Charlie's girls, 17 when her testimony sent him to the chokey, where he died this year, for life.

Lake had fallen under Manson's spell, his supply of LSD and his sexual advances which she could claim as rape.

Before she testified, at 17, she first had to convince two psychiatrists she was fit to stand, to look in the eye one of history's evil goblins who remained unrepentant.

She did. And the world was better for it.

Member of The Family (Manson, murder and me), by Dianne Lake Pbk $00.00

-Phil Campbell (Guest Reviewer)

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