Business as usual for cash rate and housing market

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Reserve Bank of New Zealand decision to leave the official cash rate unchanged at 5.5 per cent was no surprise, given the incoming flow of economic data released since their last decision in late February hasn’t emphatically moved in either direction, says CoreLogic NZ chief property economist, Kelvin Davidson.

"In particular, most inflation measures are generally trending lower, but they remain ‘too high’, and the pace of decline in price pressures is quite slow too.

"Certainly, that general picture was the key theme of the Reserve Bank’s short commentary which was published alongside the bank’s decision.

"All eyes will now turn to the next consumer price inflation data release, covering the first quarter of 2024, due on April 17.

"In terms of housing market implications, Wednesday’s decision is neither here nor there, with both transactions activity and property values likely to continue to rise, but at slow rates – a pattern we’ve already been seeing for the early part of 2024.

"After all, although general confidence levels across the housing market have risen compared to where they were six to nine months ago, there are still significant restraints, including stretched affordability and high mortgage rates.

"The recent strong rise in listings activity is also giving buyers a lot more choice, which naturally tends to see price pressures dissipate a bit.

"Overall, interest rates look likely to stay fairly high for most of 2024, posing problems for new buyers and also for existing households facing the end of their current (lower) fixed mortgage rate agreement.

"We might have to wait until the next OCR decision on May 22 for further guidance/hints about when the first cut might be seen."

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