Privacy precautions for back-to-school photos

Police encourage parents and carers to take privacy precautions before posting back-to-school photos online. File Photo.

As the 2024 school year is underway, Police encourage parents and carers to take privacy precautions before posting back-to-school photos online.

Many families use the beginning of the school year as an opportunity to share photos of their children wearing their uniforms, at their school or with other identifying features.

Police acknowledge that sharing these milestones are important to families, but parents and carers should think about who may be able to access these images and more importantly the information that may be found within the images.

"While cases of images being used inappropriately are rare, they do happen," says detective senior sergeant Kepal Richards.

"And there are instances where innocent images are used in child exploitation material or offenders use information from the images, like school logos, to identify and groom children.

"Videos and live streaming can also be included in this, as an offender may capture an image themselves.

"This is called ‘capping’.

"We urge parents and carers to be aware of the risks and be proactive with online safety to keep their information and children safe."

Here is some information to keep safe online:

  • Before sharing images, double-check there are no identifying features such as school uniforms and logos, school buildings or signs, and street signs. If this is unavoidable, parents can easily edit and blur school logos and signs.
  • We recommend that parents and carers research and understand app settings, including privacy settings. This could include turning off location settings or setting profiles to private/friends only.
  • If another person is taking photos of your child, have a discussion around how the photos may be used and how they may be shared.
  • Keeping your child’s personal information including full name and age private. This can also include what year they may be starting as this can indicate age.
  • Seek help and support, and report inappropriate or suspicious behaviour online.



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