Ban phones in classroom, not in breaks - survey

Many schools already ban mobile phone use in lessons.

Most New Zealanders support cellphones being banned in the classroom, but not at break times.

The National-led government says it will ban mobiles in schools altogether.

Students will have to drop off their phones at the start of the day and collect them at home time.

Horizon Research polled four possible policy options:

  • 61 per cent supported banning mobile phone use at all schools during class time, but not during breaks
  • 56 per cent supported a ban on use for the whole school day
  • 16 per cent said there should be no ban (60 percent disagreed with that view)
  • 52 per cent supported letting schools decide

Horizon's survey of 1481 adults also found that a ban during class, but not during breaks, is the most favoured option among those with children in their households - 63 per cent supported this.

Only 22 per cent of people with children thought there should be no ban at all.

Support for a ban, but not during class breaks, was highest in Northland, where 79 per cent supported that option.

Horizon said that although the phone ban policy was reported as being controversial during the election campaign, it had solid public support. Tweaking the policy to allow mobile use during class breaks would maximise support.

The survey was conducted November 10-16 . Respondents represent the New Zealand adult population. At a 95 per cent confidence level, the maximum margin of error is +/- 2.5 per cent.


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