Book Reviews

How to Invent Everything

A really useful book to make the reader feel really useless. Ryan has produced an ephemeral fly on the wall collection of inventions, ideas and theories whose... Read More

Origin Story (a Big History of Everything)

With some solemnity, we're told life is built from billions of intricate molecular nanomachines. Once you get your noodle around this, David Christian rather... Read More

12 Rules For Life (an antidote to chaos)

Jordan B Peterson reminds this reviewer of the modern-day Greek philosopher who observed a thrush dropping a snail from a great height to the ground to smash its... Read More

Road to Unfreedom

The Road to Unfreedom, by Timothy Snyder. Pbk $50.00. Many books have been published since Donald Trump became POTUS (President of the United States of America.... Read More