Teacher injured after verbal assault

Rotorua Intermediate. Image: Google Maps.

A Rotorua Intermediate School teacher allegedly assaulted had asked the driver of a car to stop holding up traffic.

Alisdair Hay, trying to direct drivers of cars to ease congestion, was allegedly assaulted by one of the drivers during pick-up time after school at 3pm on Wednesday.

Alisdair, the school’s science teacher, received a verbal barrage when he suggested a driver holding up traffic on busy Malfroy Road, after which a man physically assailed him.

The school’s principal, Gary de Thierry, says in a Facebook message Alisdair received “extensive verbal abuse” from the driver.

The driver of a vehicle, who was picking up a student, chose to turn right on exiting, resulting in other parents being held up in the driveway.

“Mr Hay, our science teacher, suggested to the driver that he consider going left as he was holding up the traffic trying to exit the drive. Immediately Mr Hay received extensive verbal abuse from the driver.

“After this exchange, the driver then turned right onto Malfroy [Road].

“The driver suddenly stopped, halting all traffic.”

A male passenger from the car allegedly ran across the road at Alisdair, punching him on the side of the head.

Hay was knocked to the ground, says Gary.

The passenger then returned to the now stationary car, which was still blocking the cars on Malfroy Road, and then drove off.

Gary says Rotorua Police were alerted and an investigation is proceeding.

“For those students who witnessed this assault, we will be arranging in school

Counselling has been arranged for the students, apparently in shock to which they were witness.

In an introduction to this story, Gary posted the following:

“In an attempt to ensure the safety of our students as they depart the front of Rotorua Intermediate at 3pm, staff members monitor the movement of students and vehicles moving within the drop off/pick up zone.

“During this peak time, we encourage drivers not to turn right into the traffic stream on Malfroy Rd as this hinders the safe flow of vehicles and the departure of students.”

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